Paul J. Scariano, Inc.
2755609999_CR53Queens College Armstrong Museum$16,128,000DASNYCurrent
Q448-112MARoy Wilkins Kitchen$4,369,000NYC PARKS AND RECREATIONCurrent
Q392-210MAIdlewild Park Nature Center$6,180,683NYC PARKS AND RECREATIONCurrent
WTC 974.880.13Structure to Grade & West Bathtub Vehicular Access$33,900,000PANY & NJ c/o TISHMAN CONSTCurrent
180261.The Pearlman Center at WTC Below-Grade Modifications$722,599TISHMAN CONSTRUCTIONCurrent
WYC-324.359.06Streets, Utilities & Related Infrastructure (Phase II) – Final Streets and Sidewalks Surfaces – Package 6$8,372,000PANYNJCurrent
M005-117MBattery Park Playground (Battery Playscape)$14,923,000NYC PARKS AND RECREATIONCurrent
HWK2013GBReconstruction of Gerristen Beach$26,371,000NYC DDCCurrent
CM-030ESA – Passenger Experience & Retail Enhancement$30,987,000MTA-NYCTACurrent
D264511Safety Improvements on Long Island Expressway$19,654,321NYS DOTCurrent
106733Hartsdale, Scarsdale, and Purdy Station Improvements$15,438,434MTA MNRCurrent
D264024Bridge Maintenance Repairs$12,833,203NYSDOTCurrent
C-40203F & I Emergency Generators at Various MTABC Bus Depots, Queens, Bronx And Yonkers$7,600,000NYC TRANSIT AUTHORITYCurrent
Ferry Terminal Upland Work$3,418,000NYCEDC / SKANSKACurrent
JFK-124.013Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA),$2,260,208PANY&NJCurrent
JFK-964.201Access and Safety Improvement at Building #161 (Fire Pump Station),$1,362,300PANY&NJCurrent
JFK1050Replacement of Fire Alarm System at Air Control Tower$2,137,550PANY&NJCurrent
Local Law 26 Upgrades at Verizon 37th Street$2,808,957VERIZON c/o TISHMAN INTERIORSCurrent
Local Law 26 Upgrades at Verizon 38th Street$3,206,004VERIZON c/o TISHMAN INTERIORSCurrent
2189Javits Security Bollards$6,701,636NY CONVENTION CENTER OPER. CORP2/31/21
GFM-527 WO1RK-81 Demolition at RFK Bridge$3,965,379MTA-TBTA9/30/21
85617B0001Emergency Generator Replacement at 210 Joralemon St – Brooklyn$4,593,160E ELECTRIC CONTRACTING7/31/21
SEQ200490Storm Sewer in 95thÊSt., Queens$9,745,980DDC6/23/21
SEQ002539Storm & Sanitary Sewers in 204th St. & Vicinity, Queens$13,357,372DDC6/19/21
A-37110Bedford Park Ada Upgrade$15,690,000MTA-NYCTA3/31/21
A-37123Installation of ADA Elevators Greenpoint Station$23,441,377MTA-NYCTA3/31/21
B269-116MJesse Owens Playground$5,974,000NYC PARKS AND RECREATION1/31/21
HWS2018XBronx Rehab of Pedestrian Ramps – W & W$6,664,977NYC DDC12/31/20
C33859Design, Install, Inspect, & Maintenance Debris Protection System$2,824,000MTA-NYCTA12/31/20
A-37685Union Square Circulation Improvements$9,410,000MTA-NYCTA11/30/20
A-36996Canarsie Line Platform Repairs$8,348,000NYC TRANSIT AUTHORITY10/31/20
JFK 1053Work Order Contract$2,000,000PANY&NJ4/30/20
QED1047Distribution Water Mains Extensions, Various Queens Locations$3,979,540DDC3/1/20
HWP16XTAComplex Ped Ramps$4,294,285NYC DDC12/31/19
BG-815M5 Comfort Stations$14,736,000NYC PARKS AND RECREATION12/31/19
05387S01Wf1 – Brookfield Flood Barrier$1,520,974TURNER CONSTRUCTION CO.12/31/19
2901209999/CR15Lehman College Apex Bird Proofing$6,077,000DASNY10/31/19
174067ZDColer Hospital Fire Pump$1,258,000NYC HEALTH & HOSPITAL CORP10/31/19
SEQNS001Sewer & Water, when & where, Queens$29,933,991DDC6/11/19
1215024Ferry Terminal Upland Work$8,792,000NYCEDC c/o SKANSKA5/31/19
RK-75 RFK BridgeRk-75 RFK Bridge$19,559,000MTA-TBTA3/31/19
BBP 150622Brooklyn Bridge Park Maintenance and Operations and Boathouse Buildings$11,752,000BROOKLYN BRIDGE PARK CORP.12/31/18
FEMA 4085 DR-NY 04540Coler Hospital – Electrical Upgrades$10,743,000NYC HEALTH & HOSPITAL CORP9/30/18
HT-224.116Holland Tunnel Concrete Repairs$6,676,000PANY&NJ8/31/18
C-40243Shoreline Kingsbridge$1,915,000NYC TRANSIT AUTHORITY6/30/18
Q16-6099HMPoletti Control Room$700,881NY STATE POWER AUTHORITY1/31/18
WTC-964.954Flood Mitigation – BPS – WTC$3,165,000PANY&NJ11/30/17
LT.924.028Lt Priority Repairs$1,628,000PANY&NJ10/31/17
BPCA-PM-KPVNCPolice Memorial Plaza Vaults$6,568,000BATTERY PARK CITY AUTHORITY6/17/17
HH88AAdmin & Maintenance Bldg Utilities & MEP Rehab at Henry Hudson Bridge$19,251,000MTA-TBTA3/31/17
Q16-6054FSPoletti Noise Reduction Improvement Program$777,833NY STATE POWER AUTHORITY2/28/17
A-36937RStackable Logs & Marine Doors$1,937,000MTA-NYCTA12/31/16
A-36908Component Repairs at 3 Stations$10,270,000MTA-NYCTA12/31/16
WTC-324.359.02WTC Tower II – F & I Streets & Sidewalk Surfaces Incl. Granite Paving, Bollards, Lighting, Hydrants$4,677,000PANY & NJ c/o TISHMAN CONST12/31/16
WTC-324.359.03WTC Tower 4 – F & I Streets & Sidewalk Surfaces Incl. Granite Paving, Bollards, Lighting, Hydrants$12,231,000PANY & NJ c/o TISHMAN CONST12/31/16
WTC-324.359.01WTC Memorial -F & I Streets & Sidewalk Surfaces Incl. Granite Paving, Bollards, Lighting, Hydrants$5,411,000PANY & NJ c/o TISHMAN CONST12/31/16
D262748Truck Intrusion Warning System$4,821,000NYS DOT12/31/16
GWB 565Tool Booth #6 Replacement$505,000PANY&NJ12/31/16
GWB 244.212APayment & Travel Time System Rehab$3,295,000PANY&NJ12/31/16
BROOK-SANDYHurricane Sandy Restoration$2,102,000BROOKFIELD PROPERTIES, LLC6/30/16
LT 924.034Curb Plate Repair in North & South Tubes$2,022,000PANY&NJ6/30/16
MF-100.511.27CCTV Camera System Upgrade & Replacement at Staten Island Bridges$3,834,168PANY&NJ / TISHMAN TECH1/31/16
PS 232Construction of New Pumping Station Orchard Beach$2,624,000NYC DEP12/31/15
A-36041F & I Three ADA Elevators at The Kingsbridge Road Station. Rehabilitation of Existing Station$11,258,000MTA-NYCTA12/31/15
B-26009Security Upgrade Eastchester and LaGuardia Bus Depots$1,690,393NYC TRANSIT AUTHORITY12/31/15
24350001West 8th Street$3,300,000NYC EDC8/31/15
S0270002West 8th Street Access$3,331,000NYC EDC5/30/15
4380014Site Development Bush Terminal Park Substation, Utilities, Comfort Station, Paths, Lights, Ball Fields$9,501,000NYC EDC12/31/14
BP-694.504APier 12 – Installation of Shore Power and Service Substations$10,806,000PANY&NJ12/31/14
LT-234.048Lincoln Tunnel Rehabilitation of Drum Rings and Repair to Underside of Roadways$4,830,000PANY&NJ2/28/14
C-40646Electronic Security Systems at College Point Bus Depot, Queens$1,921,575NYC TRANSIT AUTHORITY12/31/13
RWQ005Upgrade & Install Retaining Wall, Catch Basins, Sewers, Curb, Sidewalk, Paving Restoration$5,711,000NYC DDC8/30/13
MG-41000-107MPearl Street Playground$2,055,000NYC PARKS AND RECREATION12/31/12
HWCSCH3ASchool Safety Improvements Phase III$2,883,000NYC DDC7/30/12
54332Ballfield Community Center Plaza Terrace$6,476,000BATTERY PARK CITY AUTHORITY5/30/12
DTFAEN-11-C-00242LaGuardia Airport Traffic Control Tower Demolition and Reconstruction$5,874,000FAA3/31/12
D261527Brooklyn Queens Expressway Environmental Shield$673,000NYS DOT8/30/11
MF-100.506A WO 11AInstall 3 Guard Post Booths & Crash Barrier to Strengthen Security. Install 8″ Bollards,& Fence.$1,494,200PA NY & NJ / Earth Tech.8/15/11
A-36149Platform Edge Replacement At 6 Stations Myrtle Line$5,565,000MTA-NYCTA6/30/11
JFK-916 Building #161, Fire Pump Station Rehabilitation$780,000PANY & NJ c/o JOHN P PICONE, INC.6/30/11
BROOK-Garage PResurfacing Parking Garage – P Level WTC$815,000BROOKFIELD PROPERTIES, LLC5/30/11
MF-100.509 WO13Lincoln Tunnel CCTV & Video Analytics$800,000PANY&NJ / TISHMAN TECH3/15/11
FAA LGA PIERRehabilitation of Electrical Systems on Runway Pier$1,200,000FAA10/15/10
WI-74E Wards Island WPCP-Gas Detection, Pump, And Lighting System Upgrade$9,452,570NYC DEP10/15/10
SC1-ENYC Dept Spring Creek WPCP Electrical Upgrade – All Systems$9,490,000NYC DEP c/o HAMLET ELECTRIC10/15/10
VN-03Verrazano Bridge Toll Booth Removal and Plaza Reconstruction$2,209,000MTA-TBTA9/30/10
WFC-3 BrookWTC 3 Perimeter Strengthening$700,000BROOKFIELD PROPERTIES, LLC6/30/10
VeseyVesey Street Reconstruction$2,400,000BATTERY PARK CITY AUTHORITY4/30/10
BellvueBellevue Hospital 28th Street Basement Demo, Road Deck Construction, & Architectural Elements$7,500,000NYC EDC4/15/10
MF-100.506 WO 30AStrengthen Perimeter -JFK Aeronautical Operations Area. Excavated & Install 19,500 LF Concrete$8,390,000PANY & NJ c/o JOHN PICONE, INC.3/31/10
JFK-984.707JFK Outfall #3$117,400PANY&NJ3/31/10
MF-100.507Journal Square Perimeter$2,425,527TISHMAN CONSTRUCTION12/31/09
JFK-963Taxi Hold Improvements-License Plate Recognition System Infrastructure & Technology System$800,000PANY&NJ12/31/09
Various LGA & JFKInstall All Power & Technology for Perimeter Hardening For 11 Guard Posts at JFK & LGA$3,600,000PANY&NJ / Various12/31/09
LIDSLaser Intrusion Detection Systems For 3 Path Stations via Path Network$2,200,000PANY&NJ c/o TISHMAN CONST12/31/09
SC1-GInstrumentation and Process Control Work$750,000NYC DEP c/o HAMLET ELECTRIC9/30/09
2611-10NSite Work Reconstruction, Underground Utilities, Perimeter Fencing & Security, Milling & Paving$3,600,000BROOKLYN NAVY YARD7/31/09
TEDSTemp Event Detection System – CCTV & Other Detection Systems in Path Tunnels Via Path Network$5,000,000PANY&NJ c/o TISHMAN CONST7/30/09
MF-100.506/7/8Install 10 Security Guard Post Booths, Install Bollards, Security Fence on Barrier & Sidewalks$4,500,000PANY&NJ6/30/09
JFK-966Cargo Pad ‘C’ 5kv Upgrade$578,000PA OF NY & NJ6/30/09
PO-083EWards Island Enhanced Nutrient Removal Studies – Sharon Facilities$3,574,205NYC DEP6/15/09
800 MHZ RBS800 MHz Radio Backup Antenna System for Path Security System$500,000PANY&NJ c/o TISHMAN CONST5/15/09
PW-054WPCP Water Samplers$2,769,000NYC DEP4/30/09
HWS2006K2Excavation & Installation of Sidewalks, Adjacent Curbs & Ped Ramps Per Direction of NYC DDC$2,497,777NYC DDC12/31/08
HWS2007MExcavate & Install Sidewalks, Curbs & Ped Ramps & Restore Hydrant Cuts Various Locations NYC$3,250,000NYC DDC12/31/08
TNM-337Throgs Neck Bridge -Full Depth Excavation Road & Restoration Paving & Install Curbs & Sidewalks$2,487,000MTA-TBTA11/30/08
MF-100.506Strengthen Perimeter JFK Aeronautical Operations Area Excavated & Install 19,500 LF Concrete$8,390,000PANY&NJ6/30/08
HWS2007Q2Excavate & Install Sidewalk, Curbs & Ped Ramps, Restore Hydrant Cuts Various Locations Queens$2,853,974NYC DDC6/1/08
HWQ-980Reconstruction of Storm and Sanitary Sewer Installation, Water Main, Catch Basins & Manholes.$2,969,533NYC DDC12/31/07
MF-100.506 WO 11BInstall 5 Security Guard Post Booths, Install Bollards, Security Fence on Barrier & Sidewalks$2,737,000EARTHTECH NE, INC.5/15/07
HBKC1144Rehabilitation of Bridge Joints on The Brooklyn-Queens Expressway$1,600,000NYC DOT12/31/06
LGA 124.112Installation of New Sanitary Sewer & Water Main Excavation, Restoration, Concrete and Asphalt.$2,050,000PANY&NJ12/31/06
HWQ980Reconstruction of Colden Street$3,000,000NYC DDC6/30/06
HWCMMSQMultimodal Funded Complex$1,660,000NYC DDC6/30/06
HWQ980Reconstruction of Colden Street$2,969,533NYC DDC6/30/06
SECB05K2RCatch Basins Various Locations – Brooklyn$1,188,000NYC DDC6/30/06
BB-57EBowery Bay WPCP Interim Plant Upgrades – Construction of Duct Banks, Manholes, And Handholes$3,200,000NYC DEP3/30/06
BB-57EBowery Bay WPCP Interim Plant Upgrades – Construction of Duct Banks, Manholes, And Handholes$3,115,000NYC DEP – E-J ELECTRIC3/30/06
SC1-EWPCP Electrical Upgrade$9,490,000NYC DEP c/o HAMLET ELECTRIC3/15/06
SC1-GInstrumentation & Power Work$750,000NYC DEP c/o HAMLET ELECTRIC3/15/06
200175Installation of New Sewer Main, Catch Basins & Manholes Restore Concrete Sidewalks\Ramps$1,022,182NYC DDC12/31/05
HP-1GInstall Power & Comm Duct Banks and Install Instrument, Gas Detection, and Security Systems$7,840,000NYC DEP c/o HAMLET ELECTRIC10/15/05
JFK-892Construction of Fuel Filtering Station A &D at JFK Airport Bulk Fuel Farm East$1,218,675PANY & NJ9/30/05
JFK-892Construction of Fuel Filtering Station A &D at JFK Airport Bulk Fuel Farm East$1,200,000PANY&NJ9/30/05
Astoria PowerDuct Bank and Piers and Foundations for Towers for High Voltage Transmission Lines$1,764,000ASTORIA ENERGY, LLC8/30/05
HH-921.161Howland Hook Utilities Rehabilitation$1,156,000PANY & NJ8/30/05
JFK-956JFK Airport High Pressure Fire Protection System Valve Replacement$480,000PANY & NJ6/30/05
E-3127713th Street Fan Plant Power, Lighting, Control, Communication$3,990,000NYCT c/o HAMLET ELECTRIC6/30/05
BB-57EInstall Power & Comm Duct Banks and Install Power, Control, and Instrumentation in Tunnels$1,585,000NYC DEP c/oÊEJ ELECTRIC6/15/05
JFK-892Construction of Power, Control, & Lighting for Fuel Filter Station A & D at JFK Bulk Fuel Farm East$190,000PANY & NJ c/o PAUL J SCARIANO3/31/05
SEQ-002599Catch Basins, No. 27, Various Locations in Queens$818,863NYC DDC2/28/05
545A, B, CPower & Control for Water Distribution Shafts$3,700,000NYC DEP c/o HAMLET ELECTRIC2/15/05
JFK-134.217Long Term and Employee Parking Lots Lighting, Traffic, and Power$4,014,000PANY&NJ c/o RAEBECK12/31/04
LGA-920.090Misc. Security and Site Work Order for Guard Booths, Perimeter Fencing, Irrigation$3,600,000PANY & NJ c/o RAEBECK11/15/04
WI-78GInstrumentation & Power Work$591,000NYC DEP c/o HAMLET ELECTRIC7/15/04
SEK-002350Catch Basins, No. 10, Various Locations in Brooklyn$415,000NYC DDC6/30/04
JFK-871MODS to FAA 15kv Gear atÊÊSwitch House # 1$555,000PA OF NY & NJ5/30/04
PAT-684.014Construct Substation and Ventilation System$2,335,000PATH c/o HAMLET ELECTRIC4/30/04
PAT-624.017Hoboken Terminal Station Ventilation & Substation$2,715,000PANY & NJ PATH3/15/04
DTFAEA 03P 01512LaGuardia Localizer Ground System Upgrade$22,000FAA1/15/04
GWB-462Construct Electrical System and Lighting for Boat Navigation System$175,000PANY&NJ c/o RAEBECK8/30/03
PAT-684.014Construct Substation and Ventilation System$200,000PATH c/o HAMLET ELECTRIC6/15/03
LGA-124.112Marine Air Terminal Frontage Site Improvement, Water Main, Sewer, Site Lights, Roads, Signs$2,050,000PANY & NJ5/30/03
PAT-624.017HobokenÊTerminal Power & Control for Station Ventilation & Electrical Substation$925,000PATH c/o PAUL J SCARIANO5/30/03
MED-591Hydrants in Lower Manhattan$295,000NYC DDC5/28/03
GWB-453George Washington Bridge, Hydrant and Valve Replacement on Approaches$1,215,000PANY & NJ c/o RAEBECK4/15/03
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